Mnemonics! Guitar Open Strings - E, A, D, G, B,E

Some simple mnemonics for Guitar Open Strings

Open strings on the guitar is when the left-hand is not pressing down on any strings anywhere on the neck.

The names of the notes when playing open strings are (from bottom to top 1st (thinnest) to 6th string (thickest) string) as follows:-

1st E Every
2nd B Boy
3rd G Goes
4th D Dancing
5th A After
6th E Exam

Mnemonics: Every Boy Goes Dancing After Exam (btw this mnemonic has been around for many many years)

Or, Bahasa Melayu (from top to bottom - 6th string down to 1st string):-

6th E Engkau
5th A Ada
4th D Dengar
3rd G Gitar
2nd B Berbunyi
1st E Elok?

Mnemonic: Engkau Ada Dengar Gitar Berbunyi Elok? (one of our customers made this up)

And of course, you can make anything up yourself!