Our low cost guitar store in Malaysia is located at Lot G-027, Ground Floor, Millennium Square, Dataran Millennium PJ, Section 14, PJ (next to Federal Highway/near PJ Hilton/Menara Maxis/Asia Jaya LRT Station KJ21). Call/Text/WhatsApp 016-3138083 Website: google 'qwenkay'. Operating Hours:- Mon - Fri 12.00pm to 7.30pm; Sat - Sun 1.00pm to 6.00pm See our FAQs. Our Youtube here. Guide to buying guitar Checkout the videos of different genres at top most links.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a small private limited company, selling cheap, reasonable decent guitars, (non-premium labels) made in China.
The guitar store is located on the Ground Floor, G27, Millennium Square, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. It is more like a store without proper showroom, with many models still in boxes

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Bongo 6" And 7" Tunable (List Price RM149/=) *** CLICK ***

picture 6 & 7 Inch Tunable Bongos. Color Natural.

Constructed of hand selected briar wood. 6" & 7" drums with rabbit skin heads with 4 tunable lugs per drum with tuning wrench. The two drums are tightly spaced, designed for open sound, speed, playability and better projection with compact hardware, reducing weight and bulk. Great for percussion lovers and beginners.

For Beginner - Start With Electric Or Acoustic Guitar?

Another often asked question by beginners "Start with electric or acoustic guitar first?"

There are pros and cons to each and no one right answer. And if budget is a number one limiting factor, acoustic guitar tend to be cheaper than electric mainly because you need to buy an amplifier for electric guitar.

Here are 2 good links to read up on:-

A clear and concise article by Hubguitar found here

Buy Acoustic Guitar(Steel Strings) Or Classical Guitar(Nylon Strings)? OR even -> (next topic Electric Guitar)

Difference between Acoustic (steel strings) and Classical (nylon strings) Guitar - A clear and concise description and explanation by Tomas Michaud can be found here.

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From The Man Who First Wrote/Cut Demo - Don Felder Gives Lesson On Hotel California Primary tabs

Popular Guitar Riffs

Some of the all-time popular guitar riffs here.

Electric Guitar - Some Tips On Setup

Here are some tips on how to setup the electric guitar for height action and intonation.