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Secret To Sweep Picking By John Petrucci

Watch Birelli Lagrene's Picking Action Close-Up - Minor Swing

Holding The Pick Correctly To Pick Very Fast - Mike Philippov

Here Is Why Your Guitar Picking Speed Isn't Improving by Mike Philippov.

Picking Techniques

Generally 2 styles of picking
1) picking with a plectrum (also called a 'pick') aka flat picking
2( fingerstyle (plucking the strings with your fingers)

AND finally a 3rd style known as 'hybrid' which is just a combination of style 1 and 2 above (holding the plectrum in
between your fingers and occasionally pushing out plectrum to use in betwen using your fingers)

Billy Sheehan - Bass Solo

Awesome power packed Bass performance!!

Awesome Bass Guitar Playing By Alain Caron

Bass Guitar Is Boring?

initely not! Just watch some of these bass guitar masters at work.

Diminished Scales Blues - Great Tip by Robben Ford

Scales Playing

Some solo playing using scale modelling as techniques. Good tips by the masters here.

Nothing Else Matter - Cover By Adik Azry