Qwenkay Guitar Guide

The world is your oyster or the internet is your oyster in learning just about anything, including the guitar. There on many free sites and paid sites you can subscribe to in your quest to learn the guitar. The information on the internet is often enormous so much so we do not know where to start! This guitar guide aims to provides nutshell access to the many free sites and information available online. You can explore further on these sites the areas that interest you. Note that many free sites provides basic guitar instructions but often require you to subscribe (and pay) for greater depth and scope of learning. Feel free to explore further and/or subscribe to any of the sites. This is not however, to be taken as an endorsement of any of the sites should the paid tutorials turn out to be unsatisfactory.

This guitar guide is written and compiled for the absolute beginner who wants to learn to strum and singalong some songs; to pluck some melodies or play some popular riffs and/or a mixture of both. This guide helps you to quickly get up and strum and or pick a little on some simple songs.

This guitar guide is developed online, a work-in-progress and based on feedback by friends, customers, teachers and students. So do come back and check occasionally for new materials. Your comments, criticism and suggestions are appreciated and welcomed. Thank you.