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Looking For A Guitar - Not Sure What Guitar To Buy?

I am looking for a guitar for beginner. What do you recommend?

Follow your budget. This is the often asked question. Get something that suits your budget.

From The Man Who First Wrote/Cut Demo - Don Felder Gives Lesson On Hotel California Primary tabs

Popular Guitar Riffs

Some of the all-time popular guitar riffs here.

Electric Guitar - Some Tips On Setup

Here are some tips on how to setup the electric guitar for height action and intonation.

Secret To Sweep Picking By John Petrucci

Watch Birelli Lagrene's Picking Action Close-Up - Minor Swing

Holding The Pick Correctly To Pick Very Fast - Mike Philippov

Here Is Why Your Guitar Picking Speed Isn't Improving by Mike Philippov.

Picking Techniques

Generally 2 styles of picking
1) picking with a plectrum (also called a 'pick') aka flat picking
2( fingerstyle (plucking the strings with your fingers)

AND finally a 3rd style known as 'hybrid' which is just a combination of style 1 and 2 above (holding the plectrum in
between your fingers and occasionally pushing out plectrum to use in betwen using your fingers)

Billy Sheehan - Bass Solo

Awesome power packed Bass performance!!

Awesome Bass Guitar Playing By Alain Caron