Tutorials and tips

Bass Guitar Is Boring?

initely not! Just watch some of these bass guitar masters at work.

Diminished Scales Blues - Great Tip by Robben Ford

Scales Playing

Some solo playing using scale modelling as techniques. Good tips by the masters here.

Nothing Else Matter - Cover By Adik Azry

Mundell Lowe at 92 and Bucky Pizzarelli at 88 - Masters of Jazz Guitar

Too Young or Too Old To Play The Guitar?

Still thinking? Here are some clips, both young and old playing the guitar.

A Walking Bass - Basic Understanding Approach

Walking Bass - A Clear, Easy To Understand Explanation By Jody Fisher Primary tabs

From The Man Who First Wrote/Cut Demo - Don Felder Gives Lesson On Hotel California

Diminished Scales Blues - a simple short yet eye opening tutorial by Robben Ford