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Understand 12 Musical Notes To Build Your Musical Universe

There are only 12 musical notes before the 13th note repeats the 1st note at one octave higher.
Each of these 12 musical notes is 0.5tone (half tone or semitone) above or below another.

It is important to learn the names and order of these 12 musical notes.

7 of the musical notes are from the first seven English alphabets i.e. A, B, C, D, E, F and G, from lower to higher sound.

Now that we know the 7 names of musical sounds, there are only 5 remaining names.

Alternate, legato or mixed picking? - John Petrucci

Great tips by John Petrucci on picking techniques - alternate, legato or mixed picking?

Roger McGuinn 12-String Rickenbacker and David Wayne Power Flatpicking On Classical Guitar


How Many Chords Are There? Understanding The Guitar CAGED system


For Beginners - Basic Strumming Patterns and Chords


Left Handed Guitarists - What's Best Method Starting Out?

There are 4 choices!

1) Buy a right-hand guitar and play right hand like everybody else! This is not so difficult since you are just starting out. So you can tell people you eat, write with your left hand but play guitar right handed just like most people do. Gary Moore's left-handed but plays guitar right hand.

Classic Capo Use In Acoustic Duo Playing - Jim Croce And Maury's Next Time / This Time

They are playing in the key of C. Jim is at position 1 - the usual C chord, etc. And Maury's playing with capo at 5th Position (Fret), playing 'open G shape" which is chord C of course. Guitars plucking together sounds richer with one octave higher.

Acoustic Guitar - High Vs Low Action

Generally, most people prefer guitars with low action for playability. There is no "one size fits all" - too low gives buzzing, tone and volume may be affected. Premium labels like Taylor guitars generally has low action, whereas Martin has higher action though maybe for a certain reason.

Guitar Fret Buzz

A great nutshell look at guitar fret buzz - read Fret_Not_Guitar_Repair