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Difference between Acoustic (steel strings) and Classical (nylon strings) Guitar - A clear and concise description and explanation by Tomas Michaud can be found here.

Techno Guitar Acoustic Cutaway 38C Blue (List Price RM159/=) *** CLICK ***


Kapok Guitar Acoustic Standard Economy Blue (List Price RM139/=) *** CLICK ***

picture Brand new. Kapok guitar acoustic the standard economy model for beginners. Steel strings, non-cutaway, plywood and absolutely robust guitar that plays decently. Color: Blue

Valencia Classical Guitar Kit CG150K 3/4 Size (List Price RM229/=) *** CLICK *** SOLD OUT


Classical Guitar For Kids Children Valencia CG150 Kit 1/2 Half Size (List Price RM209/=) *** CLICK *** SOLD OUT


Rosenberg Trio - For Sephora

Albert Lee - Fast Country Picking

Valencia Classical Guitar CG50CE Solid Spruce Top With Pickup/Tuner SOLD OUT


Valencia Classical Guitar CG180CE Pickup Tuner SOLD OUT