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Frequently Asked Questions

Drupal Service

Why are your websites so cheap? RM449 only
They are not cheap but reasonably priced for an open source package with basic features. The web design is based on Drupal's standard templates. In fact if you like diy stuff, try our Teach Yourself Practical Drupal. It's even cheaper.

Yes I see but still, some others charge more and based on the number of pages. Why?
It is useful to look at the purpose of building the website. In short if we need just a brochure or catalog website, even a one page website will suffice. And even for one page, some good copy writing and simple html script will cost very cheap provided you are the copy writer of course. Or, some boutique-designed-colorful-flashy one page website may costs quite a fair bit.

Drupal is a content management system software. Its goal is to help users compose and present web-site content such as articles, photos, and other content types. The content is filled up by you. You can even write a book "directly" into the system itself.

There are other ways to build a website of course:
(a) commission a web design development team to create your website. Number of pages usually affect costs.
(b) writing some web pages yourself if you know some programmimg like php, html. Some sites are just one page promotion/catalogue literature.
(c) park with a web host who has wizard site builder tools, some with optimisation and analysis. Through the wizard we select the template, then type, cut and paste our web pages. The number of pages and hosting costs are factors.

Wouldn't my website look the same as others using this Drupal software with standard templates?
If we use Drupal's basic templates out-of-the-box without any tweaking, yes it will look the same as other websites. With a bit of imagination and some tweaking we can change the colors, fonts, blocks arrangements or add-on some images to give our website a more distinct look. These tips are included in our tutorial.

Do you provide a Money Back Guarantee?
Yes. It is our Refund Policy. We offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee for our Hosting with DIY Drupal Website complete with online Teach Yourself Practical Drupal. If within 30 days after signup for our services you decide that our services do not live up to your expectations, we will refund you the fees you have paid.

What does the online tutorial cover? - I mean the modules and features

Teach Yourself Practical Drupal (TYPD) covers the standard modules in Drupal official release version namely:
* Aggregator: syndicating content
* Archive: view content by date
* Block: controlling content in the sidebars
* Blog: a blog for every user
* BlogApi: post from blog tools
* Book: collaborative document publishing
* Comment: allow comments on content
* Contact: allow other users to contact you
* Drupal: Drupal sites directory server
* Filter: Input formats for user content
* Forum: create threaded discussions
* Help: context sensitive information
* Legacy: remapping of old-style URLs
* Locale: multi-language support
* Menu: customize site navigation
* Node: the content
* Page: post static pages
* Path: readable URLs
* Ping: notify services of changes
* Poll: community voting
* Profile: extending user account information
* Search: an internal site search system
* Statistics: tracking referrers, page hits, etc.
* Story: post static pages
* System: cron and caching
* Taxonomy: categories and classification schemes
* Throttle: congestion control
* Tracker: viewing new and updated content
* Upload: collaborate with files
* Watchdog: monitor your site
* User: access and management settings

TYPD also includes contributed modules - nodewords, feedback, event, flexinode, image, simplenews, taxonomy_access, front_page; and basic backend handling of your hosting account, adding modules, backup, tweaking, log files, etc.

What if I want to include other modules not mentioned in your Teach Yourself Practical Drupal?
Yes you can as long as you know how.

Mine is a new company. I do not have logo. Will you design for me?
No. Our service is only based on the existing templates in Drupal's official release. You will have to arrange for a logo youself, give it to us and we can put it on the site for you. We can also arrange a logo for you but we need to agree a separate charge for this.

Do you host site with adult content?
No. We do not host sites with adult content or pornography, sites that promote hatred, racism or religious persecution. We shall close and terminate the account if any site is found to breach this condition.

Can your hosting take a lot of traffic?
You get 200mb space, 2.0gb bandwidth, unlimited mailboxes. For most startups the existing space and bandwidth you get should good enough.
Still worried about bandwidth?

What if later my website traffic really picks up later and your 'addon' hosting space/bandwidth costs does not justify value?
Our addon space/bandwidth are among the lowest in this business. You can add another 100mb for RM4(USD$1.10) per month, or another 1gb bandwidth for RM4(USD$1.10) per month.Still, should you feel really unhappy, you can terminate it anytime.
Read here to understand bandwidth.

What then happens to my website or how can I transfer my site?
You can backup your files and ftp to your new host.

How to select and register a domain name?
Just go to (a domain name registrar), find the box where it allows you to enter anyname you like. Enter the name and click search. If the name you want is available, just follow godaddy's instruction, create an account and pay for the name, current at USD8.95per year.

Why do you suggest godaddy?
We've used them and the service is okay. No, we do not get anything from them. There are many other registrars. Just go a google search for 'domain register'.

What is a nameserver?
After you buy a domain name, you need a nameserver address (ip address) to 'park' your domain name. You can just leave it parked with godaddy's nameservers (default). Just follow their instructions.
Once you decide to host with us, we shall give you our nameservers, and you go to your godaddy account and change the nameservers.
Nameservers usually look like this:

I do not like using credit card to pay for my domain registration. Can you handle the registration or pay on my behalf?
Yes, if you are from Malaysia. We charge RM50.00 for this service .com and RM100 for .my. If you are not Malaysian, we suggest you get a virtual card which has a ceiling cap for internet card payment fraud.

Open Source

What do you mean 'open source'?
In short software which has 'freedom' to be modified, copy and or distributed is called 'open' as against software which cannot or do not have this 'freedom' is called 'close' software.
These open source software are available for free on the internet provided you have connection access of course to download.
Open Source definition

If free, how can people make money from open source program?
Developers charge for support services like migration, backups, updates, customizations, etc

Why do you recommend Drupal and SQL-Ledger?
These are top open source applications which we strongly believe provide practical and affordable solutions for small medium businesses. Just get it and try it!
Still doubtful about open source? Read here.