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All Those Years Behind Us

Songwriters: Ho Yew Pun / James Khoo Nga Kok

All Those Years Behind Us

Verse 1
Fell in love with you that night
Dancing under twinkling lights
And the full moon
Till it was time to go
Verse 2
Everything seems right that night
Still remembering how we'll go together
Off to be on our own

Looking For A Guitar - Not Sure What Guitar To Buy?

I am looking for a guitar for beginner. What do you recommend?
Follow your budget. This is the often asked question. Get something that suits your budget.

If you can afford something better, go ahead - a better quality guitar has better intonation, sound, projection, clarity and feel. Certainly with a better quality guitar, we have a better chance of progressing and excelling in the guitar (hey if you can have a head start with a better tool, why not?).

A&K Semi Acoustic Guitar 38Inch #10E Purple (List Price RM159/=)***CLICK***

picture Brand: A&K
Model: 010E Acoustic Guitar 38 Inch Cutaway only. Color Purple. Includes bag, capo, strap, 2 picks.

Brand new. A&K acoustic guitar Model 010E cutaway 38 Inch with 18 frets This is a budget model with bright tones and decent action. A nice guitar for beginners just starting out. Just plug and play if you want electric.


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