Looking For A Guitar - Not Sure What Guitar To Buy?

I am looking for a guitar for beginner. What do you recommend?
Follow your budget. This is the often asked question. Get something that suits your budget.

If you can afford something better, go ahead - a better quality guitar has better intonation, sound, projection, clarity and feel. Certainly with a better quality guitar, we have a better chance of progressing and excelling in the guitar (hey if you can have a head start with a better tool, why not?).

GX-16 Guitar Nut Electric Bass Plastic (List Price RM7/=)***CLICK***

picture Nut for Electric Bass Guitar. Material: Plastic
Color: White
Guitar Nut: Length approx 38mm, Thickness 3.6mm, Height approx 6.3mm

GX-15 Button Strap (List Price RM5/=)***CLICK***

picture Replacement Strap Button & Pin, Chrome Finish. Easy to install, convenient to use.
Screw in the pin on the guitar. Make sure the pin is tightened, then lock the strap to the straplock button. Insert the straplock into the fastening nut.

GX-14 Pick/Plectrum Holder (List Price RM5/=)***CLICK***

picture Guitar pick holder - peel off sticker and attach to guitar body - to facilitate easy access to picks without always looking/losing your picks.


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