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All Those Years Behind Us

Songwriters: Ho Yew Pun / James Khoo Nga Kok

All Those Years Behind Us

Verse 1
Fell in love with you that night
Dancing under twinkling lights
And the full moon
Till it was time to go
Verse 2
Everything seems right that night
Still remembering how we'll go together
Off to be on our own

All those years behind us now we've been,
Together through and through
Whatever life could throw at us,
We would take it all

So glad we could hold each other's hand
On life's journey with you just by my side
And our love still stand so strong and tall.

Verse 3
Solid we were since that night
Knowing that we'll spend our lives
together until the end of time
Verse 4
Love you so with all my might
Still remember your lovely radiant smile
When you looked at me and said I do

Repeat Chorus / Verse 1 / Verse 2 .... fade..