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Learning Guitar? I'm Sorry, You Need To Learn How To Add/Subtract!

The bad news is you need to at least learn how to 'Add/ Subtract' in music. This will speed up your guitar learning process.

In learning how to count we learn 10 digits - 0, 1, to 9.

In learning music/guitar, we learn the 12 musical notes - the building blocks for music. Each note is an equal "Semitone" distance/interval apart. 7 of these notes are named after first seven alphabets A-G. The other 5 notes are named with additional prefix '#' or 'b'

These 12 notes can be represented by 12 equal boxes in increasing pitch sequence left to right as below :-


The next set of 12 are same notes on higher or lower pitching only. After G comes A' again... A' is one octave higher on the right hand side like piano keys going higher left-to-right.

Know How To Play Guitar But Don't Know How To Play Ukulele! Nonsense, You Do!

1. Imagine the 5th and 6th strings on your guitar break while performing!

2. Continue playing your guitar as if nothing happened.

3. Using a simple chord progression G, Em, C and D, your fingering will look like this:-

Ukulele - Chords SHAPE exactly same as your 4-Strings Guitar Above. The chord names are different because of the Ukulele's standard tuning:-