How To Hold The Guitar & Plectrum (Pick), And Left Hand, Right Hand Techniques

First, checkout this great writeup:-
How To Hold A Guitar by Fretjam_com.

Some pointers:-

1) Learn the sitting position first, and the standing position later when you are more comfortable with the guitar feel.

2) Slightly raise your right leg - use books, or buy a guitar foot rest. [Note: the traditional classical guitar position is to raise the left leg]

Learn Your First 3 Chords

A good start will be Andy Guitar 10 Day Lesson. The first 2 days he'll teach chords A,E (day 1) and D (day 2). With these 3 chords, thousands of songs can be played/strum as accompaniment.

Some Things To Keep In Mind (follow Andy Guitar)

Poor Finger Placement - Buzzing Problems While Depressing Strings

A good insight can be obtained from this discussion here

Salient Points (extracted from forum above)

Joe Pass And Roy Clark - Jambalaya

Roy Clark "He'll (Joe Pass) cause you to play up to your limits!"


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