A&K Acoustic Electric Guitar 40Inch #220E (List Price RM259/=)***CLICK***

picture Brand: A&K
Model: 220E Acoustic Guitar 40Inch Cutaway with pickup only. Color Natural. Includes a free bag.

A&K Acoustic Guitar 40Inch #230 (List Price RM229/=)***CLICK***

picture Brand: A&K
Model: 230 Acoustic Guitar 40Inch Cutaway. Color Satin log. Includes a free bag.

Brand new. A&K acoustic guitar Model #230. The guitar has 20 frets, plays well, with clear bright tones, nice low action and decent bass and sustain. This is a good budget value guitar for beginners just starting out. And a good looking guitar too!

TCV Acoustic Electric Guitar SOLID Spruce Top Used RM689/= ***CLICK***

picture Brand: OEM

TCV dreadnought acoustic guitar used, year 2012. Solid spruce top, clear ringing tones, strong projection and nice action. Condition of guitar is good, almost like new.

A&K Acoustic Guitar 36Inch #140 SOLID Top (List Price RM429/=)***CLICK***

picture Brand: A&K
Model: 140 Acoustic Guitar 36Inch SOLID Spruce Top. Color: Natural. Suitable for children and or traveling.


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