Guitar Tuner Standard Pitch 'A440Hz' And Why Some Tune Lower Than Standard? (Flat 'b' - Half Step Sign)

Guitar Tuner At A440Hz

On many guitar tuners, there is the A440Hz and we can change this to other Hz (eg. 438Hz) by pressing some button.

Always select the A440Hz - this is the widely accepted international standard ISO and concert pitch used by many countries. Read more here at A440Hz (Pitch Standard) (Wikipedia)

Guitar Tuner - Set At Default, Or Half-Step 'b' Or Whole Step 'bb' Lower?

How To Hold The Guitar & Plectrum (Pick), And Left Hand, Right Hand Techniques

First, checkout this great writeup:-
How To Hold A Guitar by Fretjam_com.

Some pointers:-

1) Learn the sitting position first, and the standing position later when you are more comfortable with the guitar feel.

2) Slightly raise your right leg - use books, or buy a guitar foot rest. [Note: the traditional classical guitar position is to raise the left leg]

Learn Your First 3 Chords

A good start will be Andy Guitar 10 Day Lesson. The first 2 days he'll teach chords A,E (day 1) and D (day 2). With these 3 chords, thousands of songs can be played/strum as accompaniment.

Some Things To Keep In Mind (follow Andy Guitar)

Poor Finger Placement - Buzzing Problems While Depressing Strings

A good insight can be obtained from this discussion here

Salient Points (extracted from forum above)


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