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Looking For A Guitar - Not Sure What Guitar To Buy?

I am looking for a guitar for beginner. What do you recommend?
Follow your budget. This is the often asked question. Get something that suits your budget.

If you can afford something better, go ahead - a better quality guitar has better intonation, sound, projection, clarity and feel. Certainly with a better quality guitar, we have a better chance of progressing and excelling in the guitar (hey if you can have a head start with a better tool, why not?).

Casual Guitar Playing Or A Serious Guitarist?


There are many tools, paths today to learn how to play the guitar.

GUITAR as accompaniment instrument for singing/campfire fun
- casual learning here is probably good enough, learn some chords, strumming, plectrum or fingerstyle picking patterns give good fun. Learning to read tablature is added advantage. There are quite a number of good guitar teaching channels on Youtube.

Never Too Young Or Too Old To Learn/Play The Guitar!!

Mundell Lowe at 92 and Bucky Pizzarelli at 88 - Masters of Jazz Guitar

Nothing Else Matters - Cover by Adik Azry

For A Beginner - Start With Acoustic Or Electric Guitar?

Another often asked question by beginners "Start with electric or acoustic guitar first?"

There are pros and cons to each and no one right answer. And if budget is a number one limiting factor, acoustic guitar tend to be cheaper than electric mainly because you need to buy an amplifier for electric guitar.

Here are 2 good links to read up on:-

A clear and concise article by Hubguitar found here

Bass Guitar Is Boring? Definitely NOT!!

Awesome Bass Guitar Playing By Alain Caron and Billy Sheehan!

Left Handed Guitarists - What's Best Method Starting Out?

Guitars are generally built for right-handed people, that is the player's right hand fingers strum/pick/pluck the strings; the left hand fingers moving across guitar neck, pressing the frets. The thicker bassier strings face ceiling; thinner treble face floor.

If you are left-handed and wish to learn play the guitar, there are 4 options:-

1) Buy a true left handed guitar - usually a bit more expensive than a right handed guitar of similar make/model because of limited demand.
Below clips shows are 2 (originally built) left-handed guitars.

How To Tune Your Guitar?


Generally there are 2 ways:-

(1) 'Manual' tuning - we tune our guitar by ear, by listening and tuning up the strings to the same pitching sounds produced by some external device.

Guitar Tuner Standard Pitch 'A440Hz' And Why Some Tune Lower Than Standard? (Flat 'b' - Half Step Sign)

Guitar Tuner At A440Hz

On many guitar tuners, there is the A440Hz and we can change this to other Hz (eg. 438Hz) by pressing some button.

Always select the A440Hz - this is the widely accepted international standard ISO and concert pitch used by many countries. Read more here at A440Hz (Pitch Standard) (Wikipedia)

Guitar Tuner - Set At Default, Or Half-Step 'b' Or Whole Step 'bb' Lower?


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