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Different Picking For Different Folks

Quote:"it seems that every Name Player who plays guitar clean and fast angles the pick and uses the smallest pick strokes possible. The fastest players seem among the most relaxed..." source Jazz guitar forum - a good discussion

According Pebber Brown, some picking techniques today include:-

1) scapel picking - like scribbling writing motion with a pen
2) sarod picking - stirring like motion. It seems John McLaughlin uses this style.

Aspire To Play Like Some Top Players? SPEED Picking Skills!

If you aspire to play like some of players below - all virtuosi in their own music genre - learning the different picking techniques may help to improve your playing... Speed skills!! This is serious stuff. Follow on with Troy Grady

Yngwie Malmsteen - Arpeggios from Hell

Al DiMeola Solo

Picking Techniques - Motion Study

Back in the Seventies, Al Di Meola recalled going to the legendary Les Paul's house and played for him. Les put his face close-up to Al's right hand for about an hour to study Al's speed picking motion!

Today, Troy Grady was one of the early ones to come up with detailed motion study on the right hand picking techniques - using close up video including slow motion. And Troy has gained recognition in his work with some well known guitarists agreeing to let him film, discuss and analyze their techniques.

Molly Tuttle Flatpicking


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