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Guitar String Winder / Pin Extractor (List Price RM6/=)***CLICK***

picture Guitar string winder - for quick easy winding and unwinding of guitar strings during change of strings. Just attach to the machine head / tuning peg and turn to rotate. The U-cavity is an extractor for the guitar bridge pins. Just insert below ball end and gently pry to loosen and pull out pin.

Classical Guitar Nut (List Price RM5/=) ***CLICK***

picture Nut for Classical Guitar. Material: Plastic
Color: White
Guitar Nut: Approx.43mm X 6mm x 8.5mm

USED Guitar Stand - for 6 (List Price RM78/=) ***CLICK***

picture Used / 2nd hand guitar stand tree shape 6-holder for acoustic, classical, electric or bass guitar. Sturdily built with rubber holders to protect instrument body.

Guitar Bag 41Inch Economy (List Price RM28/=)***CLICK***

picture Economy non-padded guitar carrying bag, size 41inch, can fit a standard dreadnought, with single back strap, front zip pocket. Great for music students.

Button Strap (List Price RM5/=)***CLICK***

picture Replacement Strap Button & Pin, Chrome Finish. Easy to install, convenient to use.
Screw in the pin on the guitar. Make sure the pin is tightened, then lock the strap to the straplock button. Insert the straplock into the fastening nut.


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