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Electric Guitar Strings Orphee RX15 (List Price RM15/=) ***CLICK***

picture Hexagonal carbon steel Nickel alloy have strong durability, clearly timbre and feeling comfortable. Good feeling, high glossiness, full tone, for primary guitar players.
Vacuum packaging

Gauge (1st to 6th string) 9, 11, 16, 24, 32, 42.

Acoustic Guitar Strings Orphee TX620 (List Price RM15/=) ***CLICK***

picture High-carbon steel hexagonal alloy inside material. Adopt 75% bronze and 25% phosphor outside material. Strong tightness offering excellent resonates, extra light tension.
Strings arounded in 6 circles placed in a plastic bag.
Good feeling, high glossiness, full tone. For primary guitar players and professional performance.


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